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Planes of Fame

Roll:Jquery, Redesign

Summary:Planes of Fame needed to upgrade their older style website to work well on mobile platforms. After updating their CMS, I replaced all of the Flash elements with jQuery and redesigned the graphics and HTML/CSS layout to meet those needs.

Planes of Fame Final

Quilters Warehouse


Summary:When I started working at Prairieland Inc., their QuiltersWarehouse website was in a bad state of disrepair. I recommended a new ecommerce and accounting system, new server and I redesigned the entire website. With those changes and a great SEO/ad/newsletter campaign, sales greatly increased.

QuiltersWarehouse Before QuiltersWarehouse New Design Design QuiltersWarehouse Inside

Chic and Unique


Summary:Chic and Unique needed a unique look and easier to use website to separate themselves from the competition. This original design also carried over to Ebay, business cards and other materials.

Chic and Unique Before Chic and Unique Final Chic and Unique Logo

Cox Memorials Boulders and Rocks


Summary:Cox Memorials Boulders and Rocks had previously been designed by me. They outgrew that website and contacted me again to re-design everything. This time they have an eCommerce solution and Incredible In context management systems.

Cox Memorials Boulders and Rocks Before Cox Memorials Boulders and Rocks Final Cox Memorials Boulders and Rocks Inside Cox Memorials Boulders and Rocks Logo

Lithgow Motor Sports

Lithgow Motor Sports


Summary:Lithgow Motor Sports needed a more refined brand name and look. The new site allows for future growth as well as showcases their major brands.. I designed the logo, website layout and created all the graphics. The site backend is running the Concrete5 CMS, which allows for a superior shopping cart system.

Lithgow Motor Sports Before Lithgow Motor Sports Final Lithgow Motor Sports Inside Lithgow Motor Sports Logo


Roll:Design, Graphics, Logo, HTML/CSS


Summary:ZyBelly required a concept from scratch. The first idea with a character was scrapped early on. The final design features a clean easy to user interface. The site also includes a large ecommerce shopping cart system. I created all the graphics, designed the logo and layout for both sites.

ZyBelly Concepts ZyBelly Concepts ZyBelly Final ZyBelly Logo


Roll:Design, Graphics, HTML5/CSS


Summary:The International Association of Professional Ghost Writers already had a Wordpress website with good function. My job was to create a new look for them. I designed a new logo and website template then created the HTML/CSS. This was a great group effort with fantastic results.

Bayou Patch Desisgns Before Bayou Patch Desisgns Website Bayou Patch Desisgns Logo

Bayou Patch Designs

Roll:Design, Graphics, HTML5, CMS


Summary:Bayou Patch Designs had a very outdated shopping cart and website. I created a new look for their company starting with their logo. They now have an improved shopping cart and website that is already seeing more visits and conversions.

Bayou Patch Desisgns Before Bayou Patch Desisgns Website Bayou Patch Desisgns Logo

Winter Haven Village



Summary:Located in Pharr, Texas, Winter Haven Village is a retirement community whose owners needed a web presence that displayed information as well as showcased their location in a tropical climate. The owners were impressed with the unique look of the site.

Winter Haven Village sketch Winter Haven Village Final Design Winter Haven Village logo page Winter Haven Village inside page

Rachel's of Greenfield



Summary:Rachel's of Greenfield is a popular quilt pattern company who was in need of brand upgrade. The first step was a redesign of their logo followed by a new look for their company website. The new inviting website ultimately improved the company's image and sales. The owners couldn't believe how nice their new site looked and functioned.

Rachels of Greenfield Before Rachels of Greenfield sketch Rachels of Greenfield Final Design Rachels of Greenfield logo page Rachels of Greenfield inside page

Gateway Entertainment



Summary:Gateway Entertainment had gone through at least 5 websites that just didn't work before contacting me. The project was quite a challenge which included the development of a music download service. The site was a success and it was a pleasure to work with the famous Ron Cornelius.

Gateway Entertainment Before Gateway Entertainment Final Design Gateway Entertainment logo page Gateway Entertainment cms page Gateway Entertainment inside page

MH Designs



Summary:MH Design is a quilt pattern company who needed a redesign of their website. Using a combination of MooTools and JavaScript, the focus on the pattern images were greatly enhanced. The client was very happy with the final website.

MH Designs Before MH Designs Final Design MH Designs inside page




Summary:Watseka needed a more structured format for their ever growing list of chamber of commerce members. I designed the unique menu to focus directly on the members and current news. The site has had instant success.

Watseka Area Chamber of Commerce Before Watseka Area Chamber of Commerce Design Watseka Area Chamber of Commerce inside page

City of Hoopeston, IL



Summary:Hoopeston contacted me about a redesign for the city's website. The initial redesign was using my own custom CMS, after a year I upgraded the site to CMS Made Simple. The website is now extremely popular and greatly improved the image of the city.

City of Hoopeston Before City of Hoopeston sketch City of Hoopeston Design City of Hoopeston logo page City of Hoopeston inside page

Black Cat Creations



Summary:Black Cat Creations is a group of 7 women who create quilt patterns. Besides redesigning the website, I also created a custom management system for all of the patterns. They were so happy with the results that they sent me gourmet popcorn and a gift certificate.

Black Cat Creations Before Black Cat Creations Final Design Black Cat Creations  CMS page Black Cat Creations  inside page

Lakehouse Dry Goods



Summary:Lakehouse is one of the biggest fabric designers in New York. They needed a way to show and manage their large collections to the public and distributors. I created a robust system with PHP/MySQL that allowed fabric to be moved and grouped to multiple collections.

Lakehouse Dry Goods Final Design Lakehouse Dry Goods logo page Lakehouse Dry Goods inside page Lakehouse Dry Goods inside page